"...a spiritual connection with students and adults. Derek connects with your heart and challenges your soul to break education boundaries. Derek can help you and your organization to identify your goals and reach them. Challenges melt away in Derek's work - his leadership inspires collaboration and unites all stake holders. Don't miss an opportunity to let Derek's spirit bless your world."

—Arlie Swett, Former Director of Instruction and Student Advocate

Derek Peterson is one of those rare individuals who can bring all of the stakeholders together and help them realize they have the power to make the difference in the lives of their children!"

Richard DeLorenzo, Nation's first Baldridge Award Winner in Education

If our state had such a title, Derek Peterson would certainly be named "Alaska's Advocate for Children." His deep commitment to the well-being and success of kids lights up the Arctic night! No one else, on earth, could have sold ICE to Alaskans! Say "Derek" to any group of teachers, school administrators or committed parents across Alaska, and they'd all add "Peterson!" with a smile, a joyful laugh and a pleasant memory of the last time they encountered/collaborated with him as the champion of youth this state. We all love him."

Father Michael Oleksa, Russian Orthodox Missionary Priest.

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"When I think about the truly significant steps that have been taken in the last 30 years to open a path to a brighter future for Alaska youth, the work done by Derek Peterson ranks at the top of the list. Where other people see barriers, Derek sees possibilities. His work has helped children of all kinds overcome the obstacles that inequality imposes and go on to become strong, confident problem-solvers."

Elaine Griffin, Former National Teacher of the Year

Few in our field can weave traditional stories of strength along with research into a blanket of sound public policy and powerful practices to use with youth....Derek can knit such a blanket"

Lee Rush, Executive Director, JustCommunity, Inc., Perkasie, Pa.

Derek Peterson is an international leader in developing a community's capacity to develop its own youth into capable, caring citizens! His message is compelling — across time zones, cultures, and languages, his spirit is contagious and his knowledge and perspective tremendous! It is not an embellishment when you hear people say that the world is being made a better place due to the contributions of Derek Peterson."

Karl Schleich, Former Elementary Principal, The American Community School of Athens, Greece

I endorse the work that Derek Peterson does wholeheartedly. He absolutely transformed the conversations about supporting youth from reactionary to proactive here in Alaska. His leadership in youth development with the Association of Alaska School Boards and our school district is still alive and well. Our youth are learning important tools which foster resiliency and success in any culture, and our communities are stronger as they continue to use these same tools to support our youth, Alaska style!"

Carol Comeau, Former Superintendent, Anchorage School District

"Forget the boring lectures, textbooks and the PowerPoint projectors, Derek will energize your crowd with basic skills that you can begin using immediately. You will never forget the balloons, the string and the message! Helping your community help itself—that is the message that Derek brings — no need to buy expensive 'systems' or 'kits'—Derek will give you the skills and tools needed so that you can develop what you need and what is culturally competent for your community."

Bobbi Montgomery, Former Youth and Community Advocate, Jackson, Ohio

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