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For 30 years,

The Institute for Community & Adolescent Resiliency (ICAR-US) has remained dedicated to exploring, researching, and delivering practical applications of our Integrative Youth Development™ framework.

We teach, coach, and provide services to parents, caregivers, mentors, teenagers, school staff, faith community members, and any adult who works to support youth to build a Full-Color Web of Support™ with them.

From seeing Teens in Black and White...


Who Are We?

We are advocates for ALL children and youth EVERYWHERE! We are the founders and home of the Web of Support.

What Do We Do?

Provide meaningful, memorable, and measurable evaluative criteria, tools, educational experiences, coaching, and mentoring to guide adults in becoming more intentionally engaged in supporting all kids to thrive.

What Is Our Vision?

All the world's children and youth will be raised within a rich developmental ecology measured by the Full Color Web of Support™.

Why Do We Need You?

To build a community of people around the world who are advocates for seeing children and youth in Full Color. Communities where adults become "Catchers of Dreams" who turn dreams into realities.

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Integrative Youth Development™ organizes the best of the youth-development research into a consilience framework. We have identified the seven PHactors that assess, nurture, and sustain young people.

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Seminars and Events

We've offered over 2000 keynotes, workshops, seminars, and consulting services.

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We offer online access to a wide resorvoir of our artwork, posters, pictures, educational materials and more.

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PHlock Talk

We have a collaborative IYD community that we affectionately call "PHlock Talk." This fun group of people will encourage challenging the status quo through group discussion and analysis.

Be A Part Of Our Web

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  • —Elaine Griffin, Former National Teacher of the Year

    "When I think about the truly significant steps that have been taken in the last 30 years to open a path to a brighter future for Alaska youth, the work done by Derek Peterson ranks at the top of the list.
    Where other people see barriers, Derek sees possibilities."

  • —Arlie Swett, Former Director of Instruction and Student Advocate

    "...a spiritual connection with students and adults. Derek connects with your heart and challenges your soul to break education boundaries. Don't miss an opportunity to let Derek's spirit bless your world."

  • —Bobbi Montgomery, Former Youth and Community Advocate, Jackson, Ohio

    "Forget the boring lectures, textbooks and the PowerPoint projectors, Derek will energize your crowd with basic skills that you can begin using immediately. You will never forget the balloons, the string and the message!"

Our Team

Derek Peterson

Derek Peterson, MA ED, is the founder of Integrative Youth Development (IYD)™ and a pioneer in implementing the principles and outcomes of IYD within schools, communities, and families, as well as within the minds and hearts of individual youth.

Image of Derek Peterson, founder of IYD.

Derek Peterson


Laura Williams

Laura Williams is a transformative force in person-centered advocacy. As the co-owner of ICARUS.Common Sense, Laura is the Director, Management and Strategy, spearheading initiatives that create lasting change and empower those she serves.

Image of Laura

Laura Williams



Keep in touch

Founder and CEO of ICAR-US

Derek Peterson
International Child/Youth Advocate
Prairie PHyre
Lidgerwood, ND 58053


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