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Invite Derek Peterson to Speak to Your Group!

Derek Peterson

Do you want a true, working Advocate for Children/Youth to enlighten and energize your audience? You need Derek Peterson, the ICAR-US founder and Child/Youth Advocate!

Derek is an expert in the field of youth development, and he would love to spend time with your group. Derek is one of the most sought-after youth-development speakers in the country, and he will stoke your people's passion for their work!

Our Approach

The IYD Phramework incorporates the concept of "all good is our good." The Phramework helps people see where their work fits into the spectrum of the developmental ecology of children/youth, and helps people uncover areas of the developmental ecology that no one in the community is addressing.

The Phramework also gives everyone in the community a role by giving them knowledge of the value of adult/youth connection and about the research-based supports that they must constantly and intentionally teach, model, and provide in the lives of every child/youth in order for them to avoid risk behaviors and succeed in school and in life.

Derek working with a groupIntegrative Youth DevelopmentTM (IYD) Is More than a Program

Integrative Youth Development™ is a holistic, strengths-based approach to creating a healthy developmental ecology for children and youth, in order to make their success in school and in life possible.

This goal of youth success involves keeping them "off the floor" (involvement in alcohol, tobacco and other drug use, bullying, violence, and other youth risk behaviors) by building a "web of support."

The web of support connects every child/youth to at least five positive, caring adults (anchors) who have high expectations of them and provide unconditional love and support.

In turn, these adults teach, model, and provide the research-based supports to build strings in the web of support that are needed in the lives of children and youth. The web helps them avoid risk behaviors and succeed in school and life.

Community Self-Examination

As the web or "personal village" for every child and youth is developed, the IYD approach has a community look at building the innate resilience in each child/youth.

In addition, the IYD approach has a community look at the "cuts" to the web of support that are occurring in the life of children/youth and address those issues that are weakening the webs. Communities also look at the conditions that could cause adults to "drop the strings" they are holding in the webs of children/youth and to develop strategies to keep these adults in the webs.

Finally, the IYD approach involves social norming—developing a climate of caring and connection in the community, a climate that is developmentally healthy and does not support risk behaviors that will interfere with the success of children and youth.

Working With Phactors™

IYD is not necessarily linear nor sequential, and great strides can be made in the lives of children/youth when only one Phactor™ is addressed at a time. Some communities choose to work on the development of strategies, policies, practices, procedures, and/or programs for several, or all, Phactors™ at one time, while others work on one Phactor™ and then move to others.

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